Blizzard Legacy Collection TCG Hobby Box EN

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Blizzard Legacy Collection TCG Hobby Box EN

Blizzard Legacy Collection TCG Hobby Box EN

€104,99 €109,99

Debuting in 2023 is Blizzard Legacy Collection, a premium trading card set that celebrates Blizzard Entertainment’s legacy of games and iconic franchises!

200-card Base Set

Collect colorful Base Set Foil Parallels: Uncommon, Spectral, and Silver
Numbered Base Set Parallels Include: D. I. S. C. O., Damascus, and Gold Spectrum (#’d 1 of 1)

Thematic inserts
From Diablo, collect Horadric Cube Square Die-Cut cards, and create your own custom Horadric Cube!

From Overwatch, gather Emotes! Lenticular Motion cards featuring the most popular emotes used by players, and Ultimate Ready cards that show off the power of each Hero’s Ultimate Ability!

Look for Patch Notes Shadowbox Cards chronicling Blizzard Entertainment releases using the original game’s iconic Box Art.
From World of Warcraft, show off your collection of rare mounts with Stable Master Plexi cards!

From Heroes of the Storm, find Realm Lords cards that contain Diamond Singularity Stones!

From Warcraft 3, find Crests of War Wood Cards showcasing the different factions and their 4 Hero Class Units.

From Starcraft 2, discover War Banners, manufactured patch cards showcasing the different Races and their Heroes.

From Hearthstone, gather The Innkeepers Collection Capsule cards. Each card can be ripped open to find 3 Hearthstone Themed Mini cards inside. Look for different tiers of rarity: Classic, Mage and Golden!

Art of Samwise insert: brand new art cards from Samwise!

Look for Sketch Variant and numbered Autograph Parallels

Discover rare numbered parallels

Blizzcon Evolution Gold Parallel - #’d to 5

Realm Lords Rare, Epic and Legendary Parallets - #’d to 10 or less

Ultimate Ready Talon Charged Parallel - #’d 1 of 1

War Banners Cosmos Parallel - #’d to 10

Ultra Rare 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards