One Piece 24er OP07 Display (Japanisch)

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One Piece 24er OP07 Display (Japanisch)

One Piece 24er OP07 Display (Japanisch)

‚ā¨44,99 ‚ā¨59,99

Japanisch & OVP

Check out the Bandai One Piece Card Game 500 Years Later Op-07 24-Pack Box! It's a must-have for all fans of the series. Packed with 24 cards and boxes, dive into collecting all the cards, featuring beloved characters like Bonney and Hancock. Get ready for Feb 24th 2023, as new themes will be revealed, introducing six innovative Leader cards, such as Monkey D. Dragon, adding unexpected strategies to the gameplay. OP-07 seamlessly fits with previous releases, catering to both seasoned collectors and newcomers eager to delve into this captivating world!

- Total : 126 + 1 card types Rarity
- Leader: x 6
- Common: x 45
- Uncommon: x 30
- Rare: x 26
- Super Rare: x 10
- Secret Rare: x 2
- Special Card: x 6
- Treasure Rare x 1
- DON!! Card x 1